Why I wrote the song “HOW”

I decided to write my last Blog about one of my own songs that I have written, because as I was about to sit down and think about what to write about…It came on my sound cloud.

I originally wrote “How” on a broken heart. I was in a relationship that I knew was about to fail. It was one of those times when you start to realize you don’t see eye to eye with someone and the last straw finally breaks. Usually, some sort of event happens, on a cold rainy night, for you to finally burst into tears and realize there isn’t a good chance for this to be a long lasting relationship. That’s exactly what happened…minus the rain…but it was cold!!

In this relationship the dude was going through a hard time with family stuff which I completely understood, but it took a toll on our relationship. Most people know that I’m a very talkative person so this was kind of hard for me when he wouldn’t open up to me about any of it. Instead…he opened up to another girl.

It’s not like he was cheating on me but it sure hurt. After weeks of telling him “hey I’m here for you” and “you can tell me anything” -_- disappointing. It all kinda just came crashing down. I went to go find him in the library after work to surprise him and I asked a friend if she saw him…sure enough she did. she was like ” oh yeah he’s here, I think he’s talking to (girls name) about family stuff” I lost it.

I went back to my dorm and immediately started writing about it. I just started playing, Am, G, C  and I just felt it explained everything. The words just started flowing through me,  perfectly matching the chords and what happened to me. I think this is one of the most significant writing moments for me because I was able to write the whole thing in like 30mins. For me, this is more comforting than chocolate.

After that I went to go play it on the piano and everything just started coming together I started getting more pumped about recording some of my stuff. Not right away sadly, due to homework and living in a dorm. I ended up recording more of my songs the following year.

Listening to these songs takes me back. Its like listening to my diary…sometimes it reminds me of how dramatic I am…but oh well. Someday I hope my songs will do more than just play on my sound cloud with crappy recordings. who knows but I hope y’all like it.

just a warning they aren’t great recordings and I hope y’all don’t laugh.



maybe someday I’ll be part of Dat music world.

but for now this is me vs. school


Why I wrote the song “HOW”

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