Why writing music is therapeutic for me.

Sometimes I think its crazy to try to think about how amazing it is that we have structure and language to music. I often wonder who’s idea was it to create a system so that we can all play in the same key and rhythms. My mind could run around for days after thinking deeper into music and ponder the unexplainable connection it has with my emotions.

Although I may not be able to explain all of how music heals me, I’m glad it does.


I love to thank God for the small musical abilities he has given me for this life. I look back to my younger years and the hard times and realize how much it has helped me through darkness.

This is why I titled my blog as “Why writing music is therapeutic for me”

Since I learned to play guitar back in 2008, after I begged my Dad to help me learn at least one song, I realized I could write music very easily. At the time, I would say I hadn’t been through anything to tug at my heart strings to I wrote about things I wanted in the future and people I had crushes on. Though I wasn’t in need of healing, I do believe doing things you enjoy is good for you and writing songs kept the motivation I had to learn more things to add to future songs.



Writing about sweet things was nice, but I soon realized my emotions could channel a different kind of a song through times of pain. I suffered my first heart break in 2011 when my best friend began dating the person I had a massive crush on…(lol teenage drama) through that heart break I wrote three songs. One called “Taylor” disguise the situation with using Taylor Swifts first name as my best friend and how she could have any other guy but she had to choose the one I liked. One about the guy I had a crush on called “Blue eyes” and another called “strum” about how life would be like if I were dating him.

I didn’t realize at the time why I was able to write 3 songs in one week, but later in life after these types situations reoccurred I realized I felt so much better about something positive coming out of pain. I felt better being able to play songs about how I was feeling and being able to keep them there in the song and not in my mind. I felt that I could move on once I finished songs about my hard times.

Writing music can help people redirect their bad situations and take them to a place where one can leave it.


As my mind matured, my emotions and lyrics matured. In college I’ve been able to learn to gather emotions from situations that aren’t all about me. I can watch movies or hear stories and decided to pretend those are my emotions and situations. Through this I discovered more things about my relationship with writing songs. It just makes me happy to create! It gives my confidence that I’m able to write music that other people can enjoy and relate to. I’ve also been able to record music and listen to it and feel proud of accomplishing something. Sharing your interest helps me feel I can contribute more to the world.




I’ve learned to be thankful for my hard times because of music, and because I know God was the one who gave me my abilities and created me to channel my overdramatic self into a song, I know that my songs have purpose.


Why writing music is therapeutic for me.