Changing preferences

I’m really glad we get to do this blog post because it allows me to listen something other than classical music for a while 👍🏼

I’ve always appreciated Coldplay since I heard the sone “Yellow”. I really like the lyrics because yellow is my favorite color. My dad would play it in the car and tell me it was written for me! And…I believed that for a while. 🙂

Coldplay reminds me of my childhood, and I like that they have pretty much stayed with the same style of music.

With that being said, I was skeptical about a new Coldplay song I heard someone talking about that featured Beyonce. Knowing her style and how maybe, the trends of today may have convinced Coldplay to change there style…I was not happy with the thought of them working with her.

The song title is “hymn for the weekend”

Unknowingly, the first time I heard this song, I was listening to the remix on the radio. I was immediately annoyed. It sounded nothing like the the Coldplay I liked listening to. So from that point I always changed the station when it came on. At one point  it seemed like it was on every station!! America obviously disagreed with me.

Later, maybe a couple of weeks or so? I discovered it wasn’t the original recording from Coldplay!

I loved this version so much better! It sounded was more true to Coldplay’s style and also had a little be of a foreign sound as well. I loved the glass hitting sounds and tambourine! so Unique! Also happy to not to hear a lot of Beyonce’s voice, she mainly gives him a harmony.

After listening to this version I appreciated the other version more.

One weekend I finally got to hangout with my older siblings and we all decided to go out and for a drive and go eat somewhere. Feeling cool with my best friends, I decided to roll down the windows and turn on the radio. The Hymn for the weekend Remix was on and everyone was enjoying it. I felt so alive and fun! I had new feelings for the song! Now when I hear this song I think of my family! Togetherness and freedom!

Changing preferences

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