Experiences of music in worship experiences

First of all, I’d like to say, I’m glad to be back and writing more music blog post! Even though I could have been writing them all along…I’m glad I have a push to write them again.

Before I go into sharing my experiences with music worship I’d like to express how amazing it is that, we as tiny humans, are enabled to get to worship God in general. When you think about how powerful The Lord is and all that he has created, one may ponder, do we even deserve to be able to create music through him? The answer is no. Nothing we do on this earth is just given to us. Without him, secular and non secular music, which is all a gift from him, would seize to exist.


Growing up in a christian house hold, I’ve had many experiences of worship through music. As a child, I grew up going to the Belton Church of Christ. When people ask me where that is I tell them “oh its the one across from Grand avenue, Walgreens, and sonic. You know? the one next to Which Wich, CVS and HEB?” Usually, that ignites a light bulb in their heads and they know what I’m talking about. It’s funny for me though, most UMHB students don’t know, all of those buildings were not there when I when to church there.


If you know about the Church of Christ denomination, you’ll most likely know that they do not have worship instruments in their worship service. They simply pull out hymnals and join each other in worshiping the Lord with just their voices. A lot of people imagine this as a “weird” or “boring” way to worship, but it just so happens, even though I attend a baptist church now, this is my favorite way to worship God. Singing aloud with a church congregation and actually hearing their voices around you is an experience you can never forget. It makes one feel they are apart of a family, and that their individual voice is important. Not only was this a good experience in worshiping God, I believe, hearing soprano, alto, tenor, and bass around you every Sunday since you were a baby, helps train your ear for a future music career.


Though singing acapella as a child began my relationshp with God and worship, my most vibrant experience with worshiping God takes place years after I became a Baptist.


I made that sound creepy, but literally everything we do is with God whether you like it or not.

My senior year in high school, after 3 years of competing on a dance team, I went through a devastating heart break. A boy I had been dating for a year had broken up with me for another girl. This seemed like the end of the world because both of my sisters married their high school sweet hearts so I assumed I’d never love again. (hahaha lame) Adding to that heart break, I hurt my back during a dance camp.

I felt like a useless vessel. All the things I worked hard for were nothing anymore.


At this time I had not yet discovered that I had a Herniated disc in my vertebrae that I would later have surgery on and end my dance career.

I left for a mission trip to Kalispell, Montana. The first night we spent there, I went outside to the back of the church to get some fresh air. In awe, i viewed a yellow field of beautiful flowers and sunset. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever felt and seen. The Montana air smelled so pure and felt so thin. I was so thankful that God gave me this view, I decided to dance with him. I began dancing my solo from last years competition season that was originally to “Yellow” by Coldplay, without the music, it felt as if nature itself was accompanying me. It was one of the most worshipful times in my life.

here’s a picture of that field


This experience reminded me that there is much more that God has planned for us, than our expectations do. Even though I was going through a lot of heart break, God awakened me from my pity party and reminded I’m much more than a girlfriend or a dancer, I am a child of God and a piece of his creation.freedom-832x350

Music is an important way worship, but we do not need it to worship. Coming from a church background where instruments are viewed as a distraction, to an experience where civilization was a distraction, there is no right way to worship God. He is all around us and he can use anything we do to be a form of worship. Give your gifts to God. Dance with him alone in a field of flowers.



Experiences of music in worship experiences

2 thoughts on “Experiences of music in worship experiences

  1. This is an amazing blog post, Ciera! Thanks for sharing your story. It’s interesting that your experience of worship involved dance, with no audible music. However, your dance was to “Yellow” and in response to a yellow field, and the dance had music originally. I wonder, did you hear music in your head as you danced?


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