Why is it important to introduce music to young children

Time for a history lesson.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.44.51 PM.png

This is me as a child.

On February 25, 1996, a child with great potential to be a musician was born…forever changing the world. This child’s name was Ciera Lace Anson. So far she has learned guitar, piano and how to sing on key. This may not be much, but who knows what can be done with her potential.

Well, you are welcome for the history lesson. I’m proud to say that Ciera Lace Anson is me.

Growing up, I was very fond of music and always looked forward to music class, while other kids looked forward to P.E. My parents made sure that i was exposed to enough of it to see if i had any natural talent. Lucky for them I have the voice of an angel. Just kidding, I’m not actually that conceited…but…my mom tells me I do.

I wanted to give myself as an example of a child with musical interest under the age of 12. Unfortunately there are people in the world who do not appreciate music education, and  I find that very sad.

There are many good things music training does for the mind other than entertainment. Children who have early musical training develop parts of the brain related to reasoning and language. The left side of the brain is developed better with exposer to music, and even simple silly songs can help imprint information on young minds.

Music can also help with memorization! Practicing music over and over for memorization is helpful to relate to when trying to memorize other subjects like math and reading

Students who are taught music can improve the development of spatial intelligence. This allows them to form mental pictures and see the world in a more accurate manure. Spatial intelligence is gainful for advanced mathematics and more.


Obviously there are many ways music can help you in life, another is confidence. This is what helped me most as a child. (obviously by my voice of an angel comment) Finding that you have music ability can help you feel accomplished when after a performance or reaching a new skill level on your instrument or voice. Some children use music as an escape from the awkward times and life trials. I wouldn’t want to see children not getting an opportunity to see if they like musical activity. This is why I think it is important.

I feel that music can change students lives, give them hope, and a dream like it gave me. I’ll never forget my music teachers growing up because they the ones who inspired me to become a music teacher.


 information source:

20 Important Benefits of Music In Our Schools

Why is it important to introduce music to young children

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