Do you remember theory?



For this post, I decided to choose a song that I discovered just before the school year started. “Do you Remember” by Jarryd James, is not only unique, but very pleasing to the ear.

This song meant a lot to me at the time. Im my words, I felt like the song was written to remind a former lover that the relationship they shared was deep and passionate. I liked the idea that two people can connect in a way that no one else can. I also catch a sense of sadness, he seems as if the situation is slipping through his fingers. Overall the song made me feel the passionate pain that he feels for the person its dedicated to, and left me thinking about my own past relationships and connections with people that I will always remember.



The song starts pretty serious right off the bat. In the key of C#m, you first here a low bass note (c#) played with the instrumental melody. To me, this already is telling a story.  Then you hear the low bass play D# to E, along with more of the strings but starting two half steps below the original melody. This is very simple, but I couldn’t agree more as Jarryd James himself states “I like the idea of reconnecting people with simple songs, bringing them back to why they liked the music in the first place”

As Jarryd starts singing you can hear the two voice parts; a very raspy high falsetto, and a soothing lower voice. Having these two part over lap each other create a nice filled sound. He does this for most of the song and its probably one of my favorite things about it.

As the song progresses into the chorus you hear a low pounding bass drum. This is another really cool part of the song. It makes me think of a heart bounding as if someone expressing deep feelings. It is cool to hear the instruments playing the low passionate sounds as the singer sings higher heartfelt notes.

Going into the bridge, all instruments drop out besides low bass note. This creates a attention grabbing tone. I think of someone saying “okay, you need to really listen now, because I’m being serious. The way I feel is important!”

Digging up the theory behind this song I discovered that it mostly stays in 4/4 time and follows a   i    VII     III    VII    i   chord progression with the exception of the bridge, which adds a iv chord in it.

All the components of this song play a part to making an over all great sound. Although there is a lot of repetition, it makes it simple enough so you can focus on the story he’s telling and the emotion of the song. I think if more complex parts were added to the song, I wouldn’t have noticed how strong the bass is and how it plays a very important part in the song.

This post has helped me realize how much theory there is to songs we listen to every day. Theory has been around my whole life, I just didn’t know it.



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Do you remember theory?

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