Why I wrote the song “HOW”

I decided to write my last Blog about one of my own songs that I have written, because as I was about to sit down and think about what to write about…It came on my sound cloud.

I originally wrote “How” on a broken heart. I was in a relationship that I knew was about to fail. It was one of those times when you start to realize you don’t see eye to eye with someone and the last straw finally breaks. Usually, some sort of event happens, on a cold rainy night, for you to finally burst into tears and realize there isn’t a good chance for this to be a long lasting relationship. That’s exactly what happened…minus the rain…but it was cold!!

In this relationship the dude was going through a hard time with family stuff which I completely understood, but it took a toll on our relationship. Most people know that I’m a very talkative person so this was kind of hard for me when he wouldn’t open up to me about any of it. Instead…he opened up to another girl.

It’s not like he was cheating on me but it sure hurt. After weeks of telling him “hey I’m here for you” and “you can tell me anything” -_- disappointing. It all kinda just came crashing down. I went to go find him in the library after work to surprise him and I asked a friend if she saw him…sure enough she did. she was like ” oh yeah he’s here, I think he’s talking to (girls name) about family stuff” I lost it.

I went back to my dorm and immediately started writing about it. I just started playing, Am, G, C  and I just felt it explained everything. The words just started flowing through me,  perfectly matching the chords and what happened to me. I think this is one of the most significant writing moments for me because I was able to write the whole thing in like 30mins. For me, this is more comforting than chocolate.

After that I went to go play it on the piano and everything just started coming together I started getting more pumped about recording some of my stuff. Not right away sadly, due to homework and living in a dorm. I ended up recording more of my songs the following year.

Listening to these songs takes me back. Its like listening to my diary…sometimes it reminds me of how dramatic I am…but oh well. Someday I hope my songs will do more than just play on my sound cloud with crappy recordings. who knows but I hope y’all like it.

just a warning they aren’t great recordings and I hope y’all don’t laugh.



maybe someday I’ll be part of Dat music world.

but for now this is me vs. school


Why I wrote the song “HOW”

Why writing music is therapeutic for me.

Sometimes I think its crazy to try to think about how amazing it is that we have structure and language to music. I often wonder who’s idea was it to create a system so that we can all play in the same key and rhythms. My mind could run around for days after thinking deeper into music and ponder the unexplainable connection it has with my emotions.

Although I may not be able to explain all of how music heals me, I’m glad it does.


I love to thank God for the small musical abilities he has given me for this life. I look back to my younger years and the hard times and realize how much it has helped me through darkness.

This is why I titled my blog as “Why writing music is therapeutic for me”

Since I learned to play guitar back in 2008, after I begged my Dad to help me learn at least one song, I realized I could write music very easily. At the time, I would say I hadn’t been through anything to tug at my heart strings to I wrote about things I wanted in the future and people I had crushes on. Though I wasn’t in need of healing, I do believe doing things you enjoy is good for you and writing songs kept the motivation I had to learn more things to add to future songs.



Writing about sweet things was nice, but I soon realized my emotions could channel a different kind of a song through times of pain. I suffered my first heart break in 2011 when my best friend began dating the person I had a massive crush on…(lol teenage drama) through that heart break I wrote three songs. One called “Taylor” disguise the situation with using Taylor Swifts first name as my best friend and how she could have any other guy but she had to choose the one I liked. One about the guy I had a crush on called “Blue eyes” and another called “strum” about how life would be like if I were dating him.

I didn’t realize at the time why I was able to write 3 songs in one week, but later in life after these types situations reoccurred I realized I felt so much better about something positive coming out of pain. I felt better being able to play songs about how I was feeling and being able to keep them there in the song and not in my mind. I felt that I could move on once I finished songs about my hard times.

Writing music can help people redirect their bad situations and take them to a place where one can leave it.


As my mind matured, my emotions and lyrics matured. In college I’ve been able to learn to gather emotions from situations that aren’t all about me. I can watch movies or hear stories and decided to pretend those are my emotions and situations. Through this I discovered more things about my relationship with writing songs. It just makes me happy to create! It gives my confidence that I’m able to write music that other people can enjoy and relate to. I’ve also been able to record music and listen to it and feel proud of accomplishing something. Sharing your interest helps me feel I can contribute more to the world.




I’ve learned to be thankful for my hard times because of music, and because I know God was the one who gave me my abilities and created me to channel my overdramatic self into a song, I know that my songs have purpose.


Why writing music is therapeutic for me.

Changing preferences

I’m really glad we get to do this blog post because it allows me to listen something other than classical music for a while 👍🏼

I’ve always appreciated Coldplay since I heard the sone “Yellow”. I really like the lyrics because yellow is my favorite color. My dad would play it in the car and tell me it was written for me! And…I believed that for a while. 🙂

Coldplay reminds me of my childhood, and I like that they have pretty much stayed with the same style of music.

With that being said, I was skeptical about a new Coldplay song I heard someone talking about that featured Beyonce. Knowing her style and how maybe, the trends of today may have convinced Coldplay to change there style…I was not happy with the thought of them working with her.

The song title is “hymn for the weekend”

Unknowingly, the first time I heard this song, I was listening to the remix on the radio. I was immediately annoyed. It sounded nothing like the the Coldplay I liked listening to. So from that point I always changed the station when it came on. At one point  it seemed like it was on every station!! America obviously disagreed with me.

Later, maybe a couple of weeks or so? I discovered it wasn’t the original recording from Coldplay!

I loved this version so much better! It sounded was more true to Coldplay’s style and also had a little be of a foreign sound as well. I loved the glass hitting sounds and tambourine! so Unique! Also happy to not to hear a lot of Beyonce’s voice, she mainly gives him a harmony.

After listening to this version I appreciated the other version more.

One weekend I finally got to hangout with my older siblings and we all decided to go out and for a drive and go eat somewhere. Feeling cool with my best friends, I decided to roll down the windows and turn on the radio. The Hymn for the weekend Remix was on and everyone was enjoying it. I felt so alive and fun! I had new feelings for the song! Now when I hear this song I think of my family! Togetherness and freedom!

Changing preferences

Experiences of music in worship experiences

First of all, I’d like to say, I’m glad to be back and writing more music blog post! Even though I could have been writing them all along…I’m glad I have a push to write them again.

Before I go into sharing my experiences with music worship I’d like to express how amazing it is that, we as tiny humans, are enabled to get to worship God in general. When you think about how powerful The Lord is and all that he has created, one may ponder, do we even deserve to be able to create music through him? The answer is no. Nothing we do on this earth is just given to us. Without him, secular and non secular music, which is all a gift from him, would seize to exist.


Growing up in a christian house hold, I’ve had many experiences of worship through music. As a child, I grew up going to the Belton Church of Christ. When people ask me where that is I tell them “oh its the one across from Grand avenue, Walgreens, and sonic. You know? the one next to Which Wich, CVS and HEB?” Usually, that ignites a light bulb in their heads and they know what I’m talking about. It’s funny for me though, most UMHB students don’t know, all of those buildings were not there when I when to church there.


If you know about the Church of Christ denomination, you’ll most likely know that they do not have worship instruments in their worship service. They simply pull out hymnals and join each other in worshiping the Lord with just their voices. A lot of people imagine this as a “weird” or “boring” way to worship, but it just so happens, even though I attend a baptist church now, this is my favorite way to worship God. Singing aloud with a church congregation and actually hearing their voices around you is an experience you can never forget. It makes one feel they are apart of a family, and that their individual voice is important. Not only was this a good experience in worshiping God, I believe, hearing soprano, alto, tenor, and bass around you every Sunday since you were a baby, helps train your ear for a future music career.


Though singing acapella as a child began my relationshp with God and worship, my most vibrant experience with worshiping God takes place years after I became a Baptist.


I made that sound creepy, but literally everything we do is with God whether you like it or not.

My senior year in high school, after 3 years of competing on a dance team, I went through a devastating heart break. A boy I had been dating for a year had broken up with me for another girl. This seemed like the end of the world because both of my sisters married their high school sweet hearts so I assumed I’d never love again. (hahaha lame) Adding to that heart break, I hurt my back during a dance camp.

I felt like a useless vessel. All the things I worked hard for were nothing anymore.


At this time I had not yet discovered that I had a Herniated disc in my vertebrae that I would later have surgery on and end my dance career.

I left for a mission trip to Kalispell, Montana. The first night we spent there, I went outside to the back of the church to get some fresh air. In awe, i viewed a yellow field of beautiful flowers and sunset. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever felt and seen. The Montana air smelled so pure and felt so thin. I was so thankful that God gave me this view, I decided to dance with him. I began dancing my solo from last years competition season that was originally to “Yellow” by Coldplay, without the music, it felt as if nature itself was accompanying me. It was one of the most worshipful times in my life.

here’s a picture of that field


This experience reminded me that there is much more that God has planned for us, than our expectations do. Even though I was going through a lot of heart break, God awakened me from my pity party and reminded I’m much more than a girlfriend or a dancer, I am a child of God and a piece of his creation.freedom-832x350

Music is an important way worship, but we do not need it to worship. Coming from a church background where instruments are viewed as a distraction, to an experience where civilization was a distraction, there is no right way to worship God. He is all around us and he can use anything we do to be a form of worship. Give your gifts to God. Dance with him alone in a field of flowers.



Experiences of music in worship experiences

Why is it important to introduce music to young children

Time for a history lesson.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.44.51 PM.png

This is me as a child.

On February 25, 1996, a child with great potential to be a musician was born…forever changing the world. This child’s name was Ciera Lace Anson. So far she has learned guitar, piano and how to sing on key. This may not be much, but who knows what can be done with her potential.

Well, you are welcome for the history lesson. I’m proud to say that Ciera Lace Anson is me.

Growing up, I was very fond of music and always looked forward to music class, while other kids looked forward to P.E. My parents made sure that i was exposed to enough of it to see if i had any natural talent. Lucky for them I have the voice of an angel. Just kidding, I’m not actually that conceited…but…my mom tells me I do.

I wanted to give myself as an example of a child with musical interest under the age of 12. Unfortunately there are people in the world who do not appreciate music education, and  I find that very sad.

There are many good things music training does for the mind other than entertainment. Children who have early musical training develop parts of the brain related to reasoning and language. The left side of the brain is developed better with exposer to music, and even simple silly songs can help imprint information on young minds.

Music can also help with memorization! Practicing music over and over for memorization is helpful to relate to when trying to memorize other subjects like math and reading

Students who are taught music can improve the development of spatial intelligence. This allows them to form mental pictures and see the world in a more accurate manure. Spatial intelligence is gainful for advanced mathematics and more.


Obviously there are many ways music can help you in life, another is confidence. This is what helped me most as a child. (obviously by my voice of an angel comment) Finding that you have music ability can help you feel accomplished when after a performance or reaching a new skill level on your instrument or voice. Some children use music as an escape from the awkward times and life trials. I wouldn’t want to see children not getting an opportunity to see if they like musical activity. This is why I think it is important.

I feel that music can change students lives, give them hope, and a dream like it gave me. I’ll never forget my music teachers growing up because they the ones who inspired me to become a music teacher.


 information source:

20 Important Benefits of Music In Our Schools

Why is it important to introduce music to young children

Why does “Hello” by Adele make people emotional?

I believe that the reason “Hello” by Adele became so popular is because of the amount of  emotion that she hits listeners with.

The key is in F minor, so that says a lot. Minor keys typically sound “sad” to people so it was a good key to pick for this kind of ballad.

The theory behind the song really makes a difference, but another big part of the emotion comes from the lyrics as well. Even though her last emotional hit she wrote was about a break up (Someone like you) Adele claims in an interview that “Hello” is not.

“The song is about hurting someone’s feelings but it’s also about trying to stay in touch with myself, which sometimes can be a little bit hard to do. It’s about a yearning for the other side of me. When I’m away, I really, really miss my life at home. The way that I feel when I’m not in England, is desperation. I can’t breathe anywhere else.”


In general, for whatever relationship the listener is reminded of, hurting someone does not feel good. I think many people can relate to a time where they wronged someone and the struggle of getting that persons forgiveness was difficult or undoable. I strongly dislike being on the other side of a burned bridge with someone, and the feeling of not being able to fix what I’ve done gives me anxiety.

Another reason this song is emotional is because she is accompanied by a piano. In my opinion, piano sets a sad atmosphere very well.

Immediately after the first chord the  hit I felt the emotion!

The intro and verse chord progresson follow a repeated pattern of ” i III VII VI “

The verse and pre-chorus follows ” i VII v VI i V6/4 VI VI”

The main chorus follows “i VI III VII “

and the bridge follow “II VII i VI VII”

These minor chord progressions truly make a big difference in the emotional ride of the song.

Overall this is a great song. Its still a pretty simple, but as I said in my last blog post, simplicity can make a big impact. If that isn’t shown by how popular this song became and how easy it was to relate to, then I don’t know what is.

So if you’d like to listen to this song I recommend to save it for a rainy day, literally, it’s perfect for rainy days.


Here is a video explaining more






Why does “Hello” by Adele make people emotional?

Do you remember theory?



For this post, I decided to choose a song that I discovered just before the school year started. “Do you Remember” by Jarryd James, is not only unique, but very pleasing to the ear.

This song meant a lot to me at the time. Im my words, I felt like the song was written to remind a former lover that the relationship they shared was deep and passionate. I liked the idea that two people can connect in a way that no one else can. I also catch a sense of sadness, he seems as if the situation is slipping through his fingers. Overall the song made me feel the passionate pain that he feels for the person its dedicated to, and left me thinking about my own past relationships and connections with people that I will always remember.



The song starts pretty serious right off the bat. In the key of C#m, you first here a low bass note (c#) played with the instrumental melody. To me, this already is telling a story.  Then you hear the low bass play D# to E, along with more of the strings but starting two half steps below the original melody. This is very simple, but I couldn’t agree more as Jarryd James himself states “I like the idea of reconnecting people with simple songs, bringing them back to why they liked the music in the first place”

As Jarryd starts singing you can hear the two voice parts; a very raspy high falsetto, and a soothing lower voice. Having these two part over lap each other create a nice filled sound. He does this for most of the song and its probably one of my favorite things about it.

As the song progresses into the chorus you hear a low pounding bass drum. This is another really cool part of the song. It makes me think of a heart bounding as if someone expressing deep feelings. It is cool to hear the instruments playing the low passionate sounds as the singer sings higher heartfelt notes.

Going into the bridge, all instruments drop out besides low bass note. This creates a attention grabbing tone. I think of someone saying “okay, you need to really listen now, because I’m being serious. The way I feel is important!”

Digging up the theory behind this song I discovered that it mostly stays in 4/4 time and follows a   i    VII     III    VII    i   chord progression with the exception of the bridge, which adds a iv chord in it.

All the components of this song play a part to making an over all great sound. Although there is a lot of repetition, it makes it simple enough so you can focus on the story he’s telling and the emotion of the song. I think if more complex parts were added to the song, I wouldn’t have noticed how strong the bass is and how it plays a very important part in the song.

This post has helped me realize how much theory there is to songs we listen to every day. Theory has been around my whole life, I just didn’t know it.


MORE ABOUT JARRYD AND HIS MUSIC Continue reading “Do you remember theory?”

Do you remember theory?